My Dearest Swamiji,

So far, all the posts I’ve written are for the world. But, this post is for you.

Whenever I think of you, only one thing comes to my mind – Thank you! 

As you know, my life’s journey has been a roller coaster. I’ve seen the beauties of life, but I’ve seen all sorts of mess as well. If not for you, I might be rolling in my grave somewhere. Without any exaggeration, I owe this happy and peaceful life to you.

I don’t know what to label you as – mentor, guru, friend, and what not? Or, as you said to me, “Let our relationship be beyond all labels!”

Happy Birthday and Many More Happy Returns! My prayers to the Divine Mother for your pristine health. May your birthday and every day be as special as you are! 

Please note: Sridhar and Rishi join me in sending you birthday wishes along with truckloads of love.

Also, I’ve shared a video for you, made with love and gratitude. I hope you see it and like it.

Loads of Love!!
Sri Devi (Uma)


YouTube video


Video Images Courtesy:

  • The childhood pictures were shared by Swami (in a post).
  • A couple of images were taken from Sri Badrika Ashram’s website.
  • One or two images were shared by some devotees.
  • A handful of them was clicked by me and my family.


Copyright Info:

In good faith, Swami has permitted me to use any image from his blog and Ashram websites. He had mentioned that to me in one of my email conversations with him.

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