Guru Purnima 2020 was quiet and a reflective experience from within. I remembered with utmost reverence my parents, siblings, relatives, friends, especially my close friend Pierre Vuerings.
I remembered with gratefulness my teachers in schools and colleges in India and the USA. I expressed my thankfulness to the four most significant gurus, MUSIC/NATTUVANGAM GURU, LATE BAGAVATHALU SRI. SEETHARAMA SHARMA 2. DANCE GURU, LATE SRI. S. K. RAJARATHNAM PILLAI 3. ABHINAYA GURU, PADMABUSHAN LATE SMT. KALANIDHI NARAYAN AND FINALLY 4. SPIRITUAL GURU, OM SWAMIJI. These gurus transformed my life to find my truth, purpose, inner peace, happiness, and joy in my life. I must say that it is the blessings and grace from the universe that I could connect with these renowned legendary gurus. I will take you through my memorable, arduous, dedicated, eventful, and marvelous journey of music, dance, abhinaya, and spirituality.
I finished my posts on the music journey and have started on my dance journey on the FaceBook page, Om Linga. FaceBook page “Ganesh Om Global” is an initiative by Ganesh Om to transform and empower students and professionals.( Instagram @ omlinga_foundation, @ganeshomglobal). If you like the posts, click on the like button and share them with your friends and relatives. Your comments are most welcome.
My most valuable gift in life is finding my spiritual Guruji Om Swami. I am ever indebted to Guruji for allowing me to be his devote and give me the opportunity to write posts on I spent a lot of time traveling with Guruji and staying in Badrika Ashram from 2012 to 2016 until my mother’s health deteriorated and, I needed to be there at home 24/7 to take care of her. I will be describing many unforgettable, blissful and, revealing incidents that happened during the travel with Guruji and stay in the Ashram.
Now going back, I was born on May 14, 1956, in a very religious Brahmin family in Mumbai, India. My physical parents named me Ganesh. Guruji, who is my divine mother and father, initiated me and gave me the precious name Ganesh Om in Feb 2013.
My father and mother were religious, into rituals, especially my dad. I recollect, during my childhood, my parents treated any priest who visited my house like a God with utmost respect and reverence. Growing up in a religious, ritual-centric family had its pros and cons.
I will continue my spiritual journey in my next post.
Stay tuned. Please feel free to post your comments and, discussions are most welcome.