In january 2019, i bought an amazing book on health and wellness called “The Wellness Sense” written by an author named Om Swami. I wanted to buy a book on Ayurveda that i can incorporate in my daily life and also the book which can be easily understood by a layman like me. The Wellness Sense fitted all the bills perfectly,so i bought it. The book was so amazing,simple,concise and practical that i immediately searched for the author on google. A link ‘’ of his blog appeared on the screen,i clicked on it and that single click has literally changed my life for the good. I was introduced to a new world which was full of wisdom,knowledge and truth and this world had one God named Shri Om Swami Ji. For those people who don’t know Om Swami Ji,what are you doing here? Om Swami Ji doesn’t need an introduction. We don’t introduce Shri Hari or Mahadev because everyone knows who they are,same goes for Om Swami Ji because he is an embodiment of truth,compassion,empathy,humility,love,kindness,bliss and divinity. For people who know him,for people who are his followers(like me) and for people who are his disciples; he is nothing short of a god for them.

When i had gone through his blog on that lucky day, i found out that there was a practical solution for every possible problem that exists under the sun. The posts on his blog were full of wisdom,practical knowledge,rules of thumbs,philosophy,compassion and many more things. Further i discovered that he also has a youtube channel and that was even more amazing than his blog. I found his yt channel more fantastic because there i got to see him. On his yt videos; every obstacle,problem or hindrance that a spiritual seeker faces on his spiritual journey has been answered. Swami Ji has rightly said that if his blog,books or yt videos cannot answer a seeker’s questions then meeting him to ask life’s questions is going to be a futile effort and i believe it is true because his blog,books and yt videos are a gold mine for any spiritual seeker and all of it answers almost every question that a seeker can have on any path be it Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga or Dhyana Yoga. Although my path is of Dhyana Yoga or meditation and according to my little knowledge,a spiritual seeker doesn’t need initiation on the path of meditation,so there is no need of a Guru. But still i consider him my Guru even though Om Swami Ji doesn’t even know that i exist. Moreover he built a beautiful app called The Black Lotus App and this app has transformed my life for the better,in ways that i couldn’t have imagined even 6 months back. I am a more spiritual,calm,equanimous,centred,tolerant,happy and kind version of myself than i was in 2019 and that’s all because of the grace of Om Swami Ji. I can say with full conviction that i have found my Guru in Om Swami Ji and i wish that i can incorporate even 1% of the qualities of Om Swami Ji in my life because that will be enough for me. Thankyou Shri Hari for connecting me with Om Swami Ji(even though virtually) and i am expressing my gratitude to Shri Hari because as Swami Ji says that it’s all a divine play.

Thankyou for reading this article and supporting me,it really means a lot. This article is the 2nd part of “My Spiritual Journey of finding my Guru” article series. If you haven’t read the first part then i humbly suggest that you should give it a read. Thankyou once again for giving your precious time. All glories to our beloved Om Swami Ji.