This story would take you to one of my childhood trauma and how I uplifted through my spiritual journey. I feel this is the corner where I can be explicit in penning down my emotions, not to gain sympathy but to uplift others. My spiritual journey kick started (what I believe) was from age 2-2.5yrs old. I was sexually abused when I was 1.5yrs of age and since then have been aware of the not so usual term for a kid of that age “SEX”. The darkness engulfed me in as I couldn’t share this experience with anyone in my family but only with myself. A ray of light touched me one day when I was left all alone in school and a great soul (who I don’t even know) picked me up from school and carried me back to my parents (who eventually couldn’t make up to my school that very day). This person was no where to be found or contacted again ever till today. It surrounded me with a supernatural energy. I use to question myself and GOD for what happened when I was kid and how can I overcome all of this. Whenever I questioned, I use to feel protected as that supernatural energy always guided me. I started meditation and asking deep questions about existence since the age of 6yrs, which made me feel different always. I still get too many of these out worldly questions in my head that makes me a seeker. This uplifts me mentally, spiritually and am still growing in attaining the wisdom. However, the childhood trauma that I felt would always remain in the dark corner of my heart is out now, empowering me, making me feel more worthy of myself and for what it led me- seek enlightenment. The journey is still on and am loving each and every process of this. How life beautifully teaches you all about itself and if you are enlightened to read between the lines, it makes everything blissful. 


Lastly, I am thankful to nature for making this corner, especially teachings of Om Swami ji fall right in my hands where I can be free and given wings to fly. This story is to make readers not lose hope, come what may, keep seeking and you shall find 🙂 

Blessings to everyone.