I wasn’t a sports loving person until I was in grade 7 .Back in 2017 ,may 9 my father introduced me to Taekwondo classes for the first time .In the start ,I hated going there and came up with several excuses to take a leave (that I knew won’t work) . I would take the classes very leniently and never practised the way I knew I should. Just after a few months of joining my mother sent me to a senior level competition but due to nervousness I cried just before my bout (ok, I’m embarrassed) and was blindly kicking opponent .But still my teacher were super supportive to push me to look forward for the time.

A time came when my brother was practising in senior batch and I was still in the fresher batch . I felt sad and asked my mom regularly to ask the teacher to make me practice in the senior batch . But my mom refused . As a reply , mom told me to practice more with interest and show passion in order to upgrade and improve myself in the game .That was the moment where my interest towards the game grew and started to practised more with passion

. In the very next competition , I won gold (in the freshers category) and gained confidence. It filled me up with courage to take a leap too when I am taking interest.

Next I participated in a lot of competitions and have a lot of experiences to learn from and improve regularly.

Due to covid situations in the previous year and this year because of second wave , classes were irregular and I missed going there a lot .

 It was all 2 or 3 years back but now I am seeing myself more confident in the game. As for now I am kind of person who don’t want to step out of house but when the cases for Taekwondo I am the one who eagerly and happily go to the venue for practice. as a whole, I am loving my game and putting efforts to look forward for it in the future.

Keep Smiling 😊

Jai Sri Hari🙏