Initially I had planned to post on Tuesdays, but I really can’t hold it in anymore!

So today I share with you my little story of sixteen years, and the one message which I repeatedly feel I should try to convey to as many people as possible. 

(The post might be long, but this post has the core of what I would want to tell others, if any at all)

Currently, I have two gems in my life that I hold most precious- those that atleast I feel, came to me completely as gifts, that I have not done much in this life to deserve them at all.

The first one, is my childhood. 

The second one, is, of course, Swamiji.

But it is about my childhood that I wish to tell you.

I had an exceptionally happy and blissful childhood( or so I felt). They say children are carefree, and hence, happy. I do not know about other children, but for me, there was only one basic reason for my happiness. 

It was Sri Krishna.

From a very young age of two or three, my grandmother used to read to me the stories of Krishna from a children’s book consisting of all major stories of the Bhagavata Purana (The Story of Krishna as the Supreme Lord). The book was most most beautifully illustrated. Till today I have found very few books or none at all which have as beautiful paintings of the Lord as that. 

My grandmother read with a lot of devotion. Although, probably, she did not know that I had been accepting the stories with such complete belief, she explained them beautifully in Bengali, and answered whatever questions I asked. But here comes the main part without which it would not have made the effect it did on me.

My Grandmother completely believed the stories herself. She did not read them to me sceptically, never criticised or expressed any doubt about them to me. 

In fact, she never doubted them.

I wish I could somehow repay her for what she did for me. I wish and pray that even if I do not, she, at least, should reach her Lord!

While reading the most beautiful parts about the Lord’s Leelas she and I would smile together, and I would ask her to read them again and again. It felt warm and beautiful. I used to think all Grandmas were like that only!

One day, I asked her, “Tham(Grandma), will Krishna also come to me?”

She said, “Of course he will! Whoever calls him with all his heart, He does appear to all of them.” 

These words are all that are needed. You know, children do not doubt the ones close to them. Neither did I. I believed her.

Throughout my childhood, Sri Krishna felt close to me. I felt close to Him. In fact, I thought that why did people have to struggle so much to reach the Lord? I felt close to him anyways! But today I understand.

Later on, slowly I started drifting away from Him, engaged myself in all kinds of unnecessary thoughts( that will be my next post), lost the happiness which came from loving the Lord all my childhood, and in fact, became an atheist even!

But now, I think, I have again found the path back to Him!

So this is my message:

If you want to do such a blessing to your little one, which will never be exhausted, never be erased, and will bless your child not for this life, but lifetimes to come, then do read the stories of the Lord to him. Whichever God you like. But read them with belief, with real devotion. For a child’s mind is not doubtful like ours. Whatever you give it, it will grasp it in such a way, that it will never leave. For a person who has spent his very young years in devotion, no matter in what way life might later distract him, he will always find a way back to the Sweet One.

Besides, the Bhagavata Purana promises again and again, that whosoever even hears of the sweet pastimes of the Supreme Lord Mukunda, will certainly be liberated.

The Lord is Merciful, immensely Merciful. If one in distress calls out to Him in tears, the Lord Vasudeva does give shelter to him, for no one is dearer to Him than His devotees, who, internally giving up every other relationship, takes Him as their Only Beloved!

May you find the Lord. May you unite with your God. May you reach the one Eternal Lover!

All respects to the Lotus feet of Swamiji! 

Jai Sri Hari!

(P.S. Here is a link to a Bhagavata Purana, which, I think, is the most heartmelting translation ever made )

Image from Pinterest (Iskon Painting)

EDIT: The Grandma that I talk of here is my paternal grandmother, and the one that I talk of in “Calling my Grandmother” is my maternal grandmother:)

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