With divine grace I share my journey, It’s nearly eight years with my guru who from day one I address him as my prabhuji,I still am so clear


of my first glimpse of my,guru OM SWAMI Ji,my best sight of my life.I a depressed unwanted soul living in this crazy world with no purpose

just tears was all I had.I cried like a baby,the day I set my eyes on my master,and said take me with you,or send me to my mom in heaven.

To heal takes time,I never gave up and I will never let go of my master ,I want to,live as many life’s till he comes in this world,I told him once I don’t want moksha,I LOVE LIFE,in spite of the roller coaster ride of life ,from abuses, to Finacial problems,betrayal,sexual abuse,both physically and mentally,Doctors,you name it I had all in my life.

But my faith helped me go through all,I just held on to prabhuji like a child to his mother,I knew he was there,he was testing me ,my faith 

and I won’t give up.I slowly started following what he taught,hey I was getting there to truth,to compassion,finding MYSELF,MY PURPOSE 

To live.Today I can humbly say,I have been rewarded with a great job,it’s my master alone ,he works silently.At the age of fifty eight ,during 

COVID time,with only his grace I have got a job in a multinational Danish company.I will be able to do my duty to my family,so many who are dependent on me at home,it’s not me it’s prabhuji.

All I am here to say flow with life with faith,with surrender to whoever you believe in,and just wait,all will be fine,don’t give up.

Glories to my master.