Geeta” say that even a leaf does not move without God’s will.

Is God behind everybody’s action whether it is good or bad ? Some people get the money and position with hard work and determination and some can easily get that position with no hard work. Is it God’s will behind both the person destiny .
Some are lazy as hell and some are hard working . But we can see many examples that lazy one get the results and success easily just by politics or by bribing. And maybe because of his past life karmas. Nepotism is there in every field ” Papa pays Papu plays ” maybe these children has done good karmas in their past life that’s why easily getting these positions and fame .

In many cases  even the laws of karma doesn’t set perfectly in my frame of mind . But as you can see its still a law means it can be changed by the one who has created it. Sometimes I believe as Geeta says Change is the rule of nature so I think even law of karma is also changing to some extent.

And as we can see Karma is the never ending cycle. only that person can get out of this cycle of karma,(life and death) who have reach the state of no desire .But can we reach that state without God’s will. Because even if we are trying to reach that state desire is there desire of reaching the state of no desire .

How much we control we have over our life and destiny, 10% , 20% … 100% nobody knows the perfect answer.

If we see the story of Gautam Buddha , Narendra Modi and Om Swami ji some saint had already predicted on the moment of their birth what they would become later. So is God 100% responsible for whatever is happening in our life .
Teachers and Elders always guide us with examples of famous personalities but
If you see, the story of every successful person is made after he becomes successful. Then people start researching and come up with senseless points do this and that . And sometimes even person himself made-up his story full of misery and emotional to attract more crowd . If you see dancing and singing reality shows every other contestant start crying after performance ( that my family doesn’t support me , my mother sold her jewelry to teach me dance etc. ) and judges too start crying because they are there for their acting skills only.
but if you deeply analyze. That man himself would not have known that this work is going to be so big that the world will start knowing him.
Steve jobs that guy himself said that its all happened by its own . He envisioned the iPhone . And I have read about many scientists and found that most of the inventions have either come in dreams or there have been illusions by taking some drug.
Means when person is less conscious then something extra ordinary happens. As Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge. If you see the Yuvraj Sings comments on after slaming six sixes. He himself admit that 2 out of 6 sixes were such that he had never tried before in his life .

I read about many song composers , writers poets and realized myself also that our best work come out when we live spontaneously (not aware of time ). Not by setting small and big goals .
I guess setting goals just take away your creativity and happiness and gives you very limited perspective of life .
Our parents and society teaches us that we should study more, get more marks and get a good job then save salary and set goals.
This kind of life can make us just slaves . Maybe that’s why we could not invent anything new in the past many decades ,
but in all the big companies like Google most of the employees are Indians.

Every other day on social media our motivation speakers , Youtubers come up with a video
Do these 5 simple steps to attract money in your life
Do these things to think like Warren Buffett.
Follow these steps to become like Bill gates .
10 reasons behind Jeff Bezos success. 

But the thing is does these Mans follow anybody to get the position where they are now . I don’t know why we are after to killing our own individuality.
We must be focused on self learning rather than following someone .
A follower can never be a winner
If you see all successful actors , Business man ,sports person spiritual leaders have their own unique way of living life .
We are taught as if these people have achieved all this by leaving their life of comfort, but the reality is that they only got comfort from doing that work.

Jai Shri Hari