Dear Om Swamiji,

                  I hope everything is fine there. Here also everything is fine. Today i just want to present my view on your recent blog ” Expansion of consciousness”. Here you have mentioned a small excerpts from book “The ancient Science of Mantras” which describes the life of human history right from Mohenjodaro to vedic age.

         Here, you the describe the concept of time through Puranas. Here, i am giving english defination of time from Wikipedia-

   ”  Time is the continued sequence of existence and events that occurs in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future.”

As i am from science background, we use time to locate the position of object in free space. People from physics background can explain it better. A series of book can be written on it. Time is also defined as fourth dimension after space co-ordinates. When i started my spiritual journey,i personally came to know about Yugas  as how they are classified and what are features of each yuga? Most of the thing explained in scriptures seems to comfort human feeling.As a human , it seem that we are more irrational. Emotion may be one of the prime reason. Emotion is only thing which makes us different from robot( a man made object). It is said that a “A Perfect Being” or ” Jivanmukta” has the highest intelligence. It can also be said this “Perfect Being ” who has highest intelligence will either have zero emotion or emotion nearly equal to zero. Compassion generated from these “Perfect Being” will be more of practical way. So, here we can saw they are almost like robots or terminator where they destroy themselves after the mission is over.This is only possible when they aligned their intelligence to cosmic intelligence. Here, cosmic intelligence refer to universal intelligence. It also means that current universe has its own intelligence and fully alive like us or any other living being of our planet. All the question can be answered the moment we aligned our self to cosmic- intelligence. Now this is something, i personally need to learn as my own conditioning has corrupted my own intelligence. My software need to be re-installed. 

              Please guide me in this matter . Also thankful to all member for their continuous support and unconditional love showering on each and every writer.Here i am ending my letter and once again i thank to all of you.

With regards,



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