“I am Arnab,

I am Republic,

You are Republic,

We are Republic”

He would Chant.

We are Republic,

We are Arnab,

Now together we Chant.


Bound by Truth,

Our Hearts are one,

For Truth we Stand.

“I Am A Nationalist”

No truer Chant.


Wake up,

Your son of the Soil

Is trampled upon.

He’s come

To Wake up,

To shake up,

The Powers that Be,

To Stir up Emotions,

For Truth to See.


If not Now,

The when will you?

Wake up, Shake up and Stir up,

The Corridors of Powers that be.

Show your might

The tyranny subdue.

Your Son of the Soil,

Is trampled upon,

He Bleeds for you,

Where are you?


Let not the Future,

Be witness,

To misdeeds.

Time is now,

Time is ripe,

To Arise and

Show your might

And side with Truth.


As he would say,

“It matters not – the consequences,

The Truth I must uphold.

I will speak up for the People,

I am Your Voice”.


Wake up now,

For I know,

Truth like Water

Will Find its way,

Through nooks and crannies,

To bite us one day,

If we’re less

Than we’re meant to be.


Time is Ripe,

Time is Now,

Wake up and Be

Counted in the Accountable,

For Generations to Be.

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