When I went to the ashram to meet Swamiji I was in a very confuses state me. To add to that I was confused about what to write on the slip that I will be handing over to Swamiji to read.

As I remember I touched on three different aspects of my life. He didn’t answer me that day but somehow those things got resolved as some time passed. My mental health improved, my questions and doubts withered away.

One of the things I wrote on the note expressed my desire to write and Lo behold! Swamiji opened up the osme platform for anyone and everyone to write.

Once I was in a very troubled state of mind and I told mummy that I need to hear from Swamiji that he is with us, he is looking after us so that I can feel safe and secure. And again, in a comment he cleared this out also. He told us that he is with us always.

He fulfilled my two wishes. His grace is on all of us.

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