I looked for you
Found you nowhere
where have you been,
Wait, said love
I’ve always been within

I cried for you
waiting to ask
If I may
Wait, said love
You may ask anything

I waited for you
wanting to know
why I kept failing
Wait, said love
am here to heal everything

I seek you
expecting to know
What should be my offering
wait, said love
I need nothing

You held me now
But I fear you may leave
is it the just the beginning
wait, said love
am without an ending

I was empty
I waited to be filled
I wanted to be complete
Wait, said love
You are never incomplete

Be with me
I will not let you go
Will I have you always
Wait said love,
You will have me at all phase

I want to be free
No strings to weigh me down
What is the key
Wait said love,
Love will set you free

I wish to be you
But am unfit to be one
When is the time
Wait, said love
Am already your Valentine

Happy Valentine’s to day to all my  os.me friends… Am not good at writing a poem, but  I just made an attempt.. 🙂

Do share your lines too( if any), in the comment section:)

Image credit- dreamstime.com