It was morning and i heard one beautiful song in very sweet voice 🎶

मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी
द्रबहु सुदसरथ अचर बिहारी
सीता राम चरित अति पावन
मधुर सरस अरु अति मनभावन
पुनि पुनि कितनेहू सुने सुनाये
हिय की प्यास भुजत न भुजाये

I saw my father sitting in front of TV with holding remote control in his hand. My sister, who never gets up early in the morning, was also sitting in front of the TV today. Ramanand Sagar ji directed ramayana was started on TV. By seeing Lord Rama image and listening his praise i too joined to watch this serial. After completing first part of the serial, my father informed us that when this serial was started before 32 years that time the streets used to be completely vacant. People were not leaving their house. The serial was so popular that everyone was eger to watch it. It was like lockdown time and now in lockdown period again Ramayana started 🙂

I don’t watch TV much but this serial did some magic on me that i completely immersed in it. I had read books on Ramayana, had seen films on it but this serial won my Heart ! Best Dialogues , Best Acting , Best Coriography , Best Songs , Best Directing made this artwork immortal ! This serial laid such a large impact on my life. The journey of Rama who goes to an exile of 14 years along with Sita and Lakshman touches to our heart. This keeps us hooked from beginning to end. I felt so much excitement while watching it and cried on some episodes. Though technology was not much effective at that time all Ramayana episodes are very well presented .

Ramjanm – BalRamLeela – Tadka Rakshasi Vadha – Ahilya Uddhar – Sita Swayamvar – Kaikayi’s 2 Boons – Ram Sita Lakshman Exile – King Nishad Seva – Kevat’s Love – Chitrakut Nivasa – Shravan Kumar Story – King Dashrath Death – Ram Bharata Meet – Paduka Pradan – Bharata’s Nandigram Nivasa – Sita Anusuya Meet – Viradh Slaughter – Sharbhanga Story – Agastya Muni Meet – Shurpanakha Story – Marich Story – Sita Apaharan – Jatayu Death – Kabandh Uddhar – Shabri Ram Meet – Ram Hanuman Milan – Ram Sugriv Meet – Bali Sugriv Battle – Bali Vadha – Sugriva Coronation – Sita Search – Tapswini Darshan – Hanuman’s Strength – Surasa Meet – Lankini Slaughter – Hanuman Sita Meet – Ashok Vatika Demolition – Akshay Kumar Vadha – Hanuman Captive – Hanuman Ravana Meet – Lankadahan – Sita’s Chudamani – Vanar Sena’s Performance – Vibhishana’ Insult – Vibhishana’s Sharan Prapti – Sea Worship – Sea Bridge by Nal Neel – Shook Sarana Entry – Sugriv Ravana Wrestling – Angada Ravana Meet – Angada’s Challenge – WAR – Kumbhakarna’s Entry – Atikaye Challenges Lakshman – Devantak Narantak Death – Meghnad War Entry – Ram Laksham Nagpasha – Garuda’s Help – Meghnad Lakshman Battle – Lakshman Defeated – Hanuman Lifting Dronagiri – Kalnemi Vadha – Sanjeevani Booti – Meghnad Yajna Demolition – Meghnad Death – Ram Ravana War – Ravana Slaughter – Ram Victory – Vibhishana’s Coronation – Sita’s Ordeal – Ram Sita Lakshman in Ayodhya – Srirama’s Coronation .

I loved all songs included in this serial

1. Specially Ravana’s entry song which describes the might of Ravana.

लंकेश्वर राजेश्वर हे दशानन
अभिनंदन सादर अभिनंदन

2. Kaikayi asked her 2 boons from King Dashratha
I. Bharata Coronation
Il. Ram Exile for 14 years

ओ मईया तैने का ठानी मन में
राम-सिया भेज दइ री वन में

3. Ram Lakshman Sita went for Exile

विधिना ना तेरे लेख किसी की समझ ना आते हैं
जन जन के प्रिय राम लखन सिया वन को जाते हैं

4. Prabhu Sriram asks the boatman (kevat) to bring the boat to cross Ganga, but he does not bring it and placing a condition in front of Lord Rama, says that I have understood your heart. Lord, everybody is eager for the dust of your lotus feet. It is said that the dust on your feet is no less than any herb. Therefore, before sitting on the boat, you have to first wash your feet, only then will it allow you to climb the boat.

रघु राई हे रघु राई
पग धोकर नाव चढ़ई हो

5. Shabri great devotee who was disciple of Matang Rishi was waiting for lord Rama darshan

कब दर्शन देंगे राम परम हितकारी
रस्ता देखत शबरी की उम्र गयी सारी

6. Bharata took Rama’s Charan Paduka for Worship and to establish on the throne

भरत सम नहीं दुजा कोई त्यागी
राम भक्त ले चला रे राम की निशानी

7. Hanuman went to take sanjeevani booti from himalaya that time Kalnemi rakshasa changed his form in Sadhu and requested hanumana to stay in his home.

जाना है बडी़ दूर बटेऊ , कर ले रेन बसेरा रे

8. The night before the Ram Ravana finale war which shows ravana’s state of mind.

यहीं रात अंतिम यहीं रात भारी

9. Sri Rama Coronation Ceremony with Devi Sita in Ayodhya after return from Lanka.

राम का भेद ना पाया वेद निगमहूँ नेति नेति उच्चारा
सबके प्रतिपाला सबके आधारा राम दरबार हैं जग सारा

10. Luv Kush singing Ramayana

हम कथा सुनाते राम शक्ल गुणधाम की
ये रामायण है पुण्य कथा श्री राम की


I am very much Thankful to Sri Ramanand Sagar Ji and each character who played role in Ramayana to made this Ramayana immortal. न भूतो न भविष्यति such a artwork does not happen. When I think about this Ramayana I feel ~

पुनि पुनि कितनेहू सुने सुनाये
हिय की प्यास भुजत न भुजाये..


🙏 Jay Siya Ram 🙏

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