I was wondering of writing

a sweet poem at this late hour,

When life seems to be neither sweet

nor bitter, only a little sour.


I have a home in the mountains

surrounded by clouds and lushful Giri,

I belong there, not here- this

lonely city feels to me very eerie.


Where my master’s face shines brighter

than the full-faced moon,

I’d sing songs at his lotus feet

I wish he calls me to home soon.


Meanwhile, he made a beautiful place

for his devotees- a virtual paradise,

Kind souls looking after each other-

some naive like me and some very wise.


I’ve found a kind and loving family

by all this good grace,

To thank you with all my heart- words won’t suffice

even if I write for days.


I’m still a scared and meek child

figuring out what her truth is,

I will write with Truth and Honesty at least-

a promise to my virtual family ’tis.



P.S.- I realised after completing writing the poem when I read it aloud to myself that the hour and sour in the first stanza doesn’t actually rhyme. Ah! forgive me, I’m still learning.😅

I hope I could convey my love for you all through this poem. 💚

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