Being a freelance artist, I have so many things I struggle with. And the number one is : Being Disciplined. As I don’t have to get up, get ready and go for a job in the morning, I take my own liberties to delay and procrastinate. And then begins the whole guilt and sadness loop, which I struggle to get out of! Until and unless I have an ongoing Music project, I become this lazy person with no motivation at all.

When I read Akshay Om’s blog, I felt so enthusiastic about the whole idea of #bebetterwithosdotme. And then I saw Nikunj Om’s blogย and her Vision Board, the simplest idea is to build just one micro habit per month. This seems so much doable, that I decided to make my Vision Board for 2023 as well. Thank you Akshay ji and Nikunj ji, for inspiring me ๐Ÿ’•

In 2022, my life had been very crazy, in terms of moving around and living at different places. I lived in Ashram as a volunteer for 2.5 months, then shifted to Manali for 3 months, then came back to my hometown for 2 months, then again to Ashram for 3 months volunteering. Now I am back to my city again. So much of moving around had a very major impact on my schedule of work and daily routine! As I was just trying to settle in one place and as soon as I settled, it was again the time to move!

This year I am really praying for a stable lifestyle where I can work well, and do more for my spiritual growth, plus get some time to relax and replenish myself.

Without further blabbering, I am going to share with you my Vision Board for the first 4 months of Year 2023.ย 


January :ย I am building a daily practice of 15-mins meditation on Blacklotus App. After all what I am if not for my Master? I have to walk the path that he has shown me.

February : The one thing that I should do the most, but the exact one thing that I procrastinate the most is : my Music practice (Riyaz). So even if it is for 15mins, I will sit with my Tanpura On and do the basic vocal warm-up every single day.

March : Physical health is the most important thing in life and I cannot ignore it and say oh but I am already fit ! I take a vow to start doing 3 Suryanamaskars every single day.

April : Nature heals everything. Wherever I am, I will make it a point to take Nature walks every evening or night. Slow walks in Nature helps with digestion and also lifts up the mood ๐Ÿ™‚

I will share my further months Vision in April. As I am moving to a different city again ๐Ÿ˜‚

Please join me for #bebettermewithosdotme and share your Vision Board too, let us all inspire each other to become our better-selves ๐Ÿค—