I used to be on business tour in M.P for 15-20 days on behalf of the company . Where I had to visit all the dealers of my company in M.p .
In the mean time I used to visit many temples on the way .
When I used to go towards waidhan which is at the border of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh I saw a religious place named “Yoga temple” on the way whose door was always closed.
That road passed through mountains and gorges . I never stopped there but this time I thought this might be my last tour of M.P so lets see whats there in Ashram.
This was a matter of last year while passing thru that ashram I asked the driver to stop the car . The gate was railing gate but closed so I open the gate myself from inside and
start walking upside as there was stairs going upside of the hill, my driver told me sir its not legal to trespass someone’s property but I said just come along with me .
When I reached the top, the whole scene changed, there were many trees and flower plants , it was very beautiful Asharam.
Two people ( a lady and a man) come towards us welcome us with Namaste gesture and asked to sit on chair near by their room .
Offer us water and asked for food I said I just had lunch thank you . I was very curious about that place and people , so I asked them all about .
They told me that they practice Yoga and sadhana here and around 10-15 people live in this ashram along with their Guru ji . I asked them Is your Guru ji still here can I meet him .
They said he is resting in his Kutia.I thought I finally got a chance to meet some enlightened person. I asked them can I go there was very keen to meet him .
Then a another person came and told me don’t worry Guruji himself is coming to meet you just wait for 5 mins. Everybody there was very polite and welcoming .
After few minutes Guru ji has come he was looking very simple he wore just a kurta pajama , specs and clean shave with normal hair cut .
I thought someone would come with a long beard and saffron rope . I greeted him with both hands and touched his feet . He came and sit on a chair ,
I too was on a chair I was not feeling comfortable that how can I sit similar to a enlightened person but then I thought let it be who gonna sit on a sandy ground I was in formal attire .
He asked me what brings you here
I said : I passed thru this road many times was very curious about this place so I came here .
He said : ok , and asked the lady to let them see the whole ashram .
She take me around to the ashram and Show me the palce where they practice yoga and sadhana and then show me their main temple .
There was a book placed in the middle of the hall with a round symbol and all religion symbol was around that round symbol
like Jesus cross, Hindu aum , Muslim moon n star , Taoism  almost all popular religions. She told me this book is written by Guru ji and it says all religions are equal and one. Everyone was very eagerly coming to meet me in the ashram and was telling me about their life at ashram. 
After that I came back to Guru ji and sit on chair and told him about my spiritual interest .
I asked him about his journey .
He told me that he was on Himalayas and his guru sent him here his Guru told him about a place how its look and where it should be , so he searched for this place for many years and then he found this place to build a small ashram here and he is living here from past 20 years . He told me about a Sadhu of Ramayana time I don’t remember his name now ,that Sadhu has done a years of tapasya in this place and there is lake near by where Ram and his brothers has also did some sadhana that’s why this place is so sacred and full of energy .
Then he told me about his vision that he want to send a message in the world that we should respect all religions and all religions are equal and one so we should follow only one religion .
And he told me that he need people like me to spread his message as all people in his ashram was not educated much. actually that place was very rural and poor .There is not even a small town in 150 km of radius , not even a one guy had a smart phone there.
But after hearing his vision I told him that this new generation doesn’t believes in any religion and nobody is going to follow any religion . Everybody has become practical now , they has smartphone to clear their doubts and there are so much videos and articles on internet about religion and spirituality .
He said that he want to make peace in this world as people are fighting over religion
I said its not possible as from centuries people are fighting over religious matter many Spiritual leaders come and go but doesn’t make much difference and those who are real seekers will eventually understand that all religions belongs to that one . Discussion was quite turning into debate .
by the time many people gathered around us, I thought now its not good to stay here any longer I might be defaming him .
I appreciated him and his work purchased his two books and ask for leave . His name is Guru Mittrawar .
But on the same evening when I reached hotel in Beohari a very small town in M.P . I had a disastrous stomach ache and vomiting couldn’t sleep whole night admitted to a govt. Hospital with no facilities there was no private hospital in that city . My mom never called me after 10 pm but on that night she called me at 12 :30am asked me about my health I didn’t tell her anything but she told me that she just had a dream that I visited to some tantrik or Sadhu and he is taking me away but my mom is not allowing him . I said you sleep it just a dream.
Then I thought this sickness is might be my karma that I behaved very egoistically with him and was arguing about his vision.
I Asked for forgiveness to God. By the evening next day I was fine and resume my tour . I didn’t read his book my driver took them home with him.