Its said that when time is not ripe yet, you don’t get the fruits. I have had a kind of experience which validates this statement. Many years back, I visited one Ashram at Rishikesh with the intention to surrender myself to a Guru to start a spiritual journey. When I reached the Ashram in the noon of June, I was attended by one disciple of the Guru. At that time, the Swami ji was sleeping and I was asked to wait. After an hour or so, I was led by the same disciple to the room of Guru ji. He had just woken up from his noon nap. When I entered the room, I was astonished to see the aroma and beauty of the room. It was dark inside inspite of scorching sun outside and was lit with small orange bulbs.  It didn’t look like a room of a ascetic. AC was no so common those days but the room was fitted with an AC. Soon I entered the room, the power went off but there was power back up to the fan and the bulbs through the battery inverter. 

I was just thinking if all those luxuries were really required to a man who had renounced the world when another disciple entered the room with a glass of water and one empty bowl. He offered the water to Guru ji. He drank some and then rinsed some of the water into the bowl. Then the disciple went away and Guru ji stood up asked for my reason to be there. He looked quite healthy.

By that time, my mind had started struggling because I didn’t like the idea of a man being my Master who could not go outside the room to rinse water and prefered a bowl held by his disciple instead. I was thinking that what was the use of renouncing the world when you are not able to sleep without an AC or a fan.

I may be wrong for judging too quickly but  perhaps time was not ripe yet for me to find a Guru. I spoke nothing and moved out from the room with folded hands. I have visited many people, places and Ashrams  in the last twenty years but my search remained illusive till I read “If Truth be told”. I have also wrote one article earlier about my hope that the search has perhaps ended and now the time is ripe and the Seeker and the Sought are just a miracle away. The link to the article is

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