This is the story of a med student who has suffered his own thoughts . Though my family was all into god, I was not at all into spirituality .

The story to be cut short , Ive been preparing for my PG entrance exam and was all stressed out . Insecurities of not getting a good rank ,jealousy that my friends have been performing very good grew over upon me and, this is the point where my mind started to do its own black magic.

Ive landed into depression, lost my concentration over preparation and felt like i was in an abyss.

Its the time when i felt like there was no end to my thoughts which overflew me and were out of my control.

My parents and friends were the people who stood by me all the time to get me out of my hardships. Im indebted to them as always.

This is time when a ray of hope “GOD” entered my  life to help me get answers to my questions like

Is there no end to the sadness in me and the world?

Why couldnt we all be happy every single moment, Is it too much to ask for ?

Why do we need to suffer much, are we predestined to be so ?

To all my questions, with my research ive found spiritual path as certain would provide me the key. This is when i started to worship god to help me get over my hardships. I swore that ill pledge my self at the feet of the everlating pervasive and eternal GOD. 

As i recovered from the old odd times gradually , i began to neglect my need for GOD. 

Ive somehow with help of my family and friends secured a PG seat. And from then on  till now ive been busy with my work and other stuff . Life was going on smooth.During my study period ive been following various spiritual teachers to a little bit and gained some spiritual jargon and knowledge.

It was in the recent time , my mind started to trouble me again.As ive been keen on that its no ordinary thing to get the mind under control of self , i gotta feel to renounce everything and  become an all time spiritual practioner. 

I believe its the only solution to my problem.

*And ive got to this conclusion based on my personal experiences .

It would be helpful if anyone shared their valuable insights to this lost soul.