I saw many people posting about weight loss so I thought to share my story šŸ˜ƒ.

When I was a child,I was fit and healthy.It happened during my school days when I was in 8th Class,I gained a lot of weight and then it went on increasing each passing day.I used to remain busy at school from 7 a.m to 2 p.m and then afterwards I used to attend tuition classes from 3 p.m to 5 p.m.That was quite a hectic schedule except the holidays and Sundays.So I was not engaged in any active work.Also during my school days,I wanted to go with the flow and I did not stress much about my weight.

Being Punjabi,I used to enjoy variety of dishes.I used to binge a lot of food.I was a big foodie.And thanks to my sugar cravings and sweet tooth,this further added in gaining weight.I was not so conscious about my weight until 12th class.Also my parents never stressed about that.

After passing 12th, I wanted to lose my weight.I got to know about Herbalife products and their reviews were just awesome.So I started my weight loss journey with Herbalife.Initially the results were amazing and I lost around 5kgs in a month.And then the weight loss process slowed.I lost around 12 kgs in 5 months.I had attained my desired weight.I was on cloud nine.But when I left consuming those products, my weight again started increasing and I was progressing towards my older version.Then I realised that I should not have gone the Herbalife way.It was so stupid of me to use those products without following any healthy Lifestyle.

I was again back to my previous version in few months.Then during last lockdown,I made up my mind to lose weight but in a healthy way.I took help of some U- tube videos where they suggests the food which we should eat for weight loss and I engaged myself in running and exercises.I prepared my diet chart.I used mobile app to keep a check on my calories consumaton and I kept on decreasing my calorie intake.Basically our calorie intake should be less than required.This is the only Funda we should follow.IĀ  used to calculate my burnt calories as well.I used to consume a lot of fibre and I controlled my sugar cravings as well.I used to drink a lot of water.I followed the same for 6 months and I lost around 12 kgs during the last lockdown.I wanted to lose more but my family insisted not to lose more.

But I have maintained my healthy lifestyle and I am much conscious about my weight now šŸ˜Š.All those lovely people reading my post,I would only say weight loss is possible only if we desire and our will power need to be strong to control binge eating.

Do share if you have similar story šŸ˜œ.


Live,Love, Laugh

Yours Ripandeep ā¤ļø