Kaal sarp yog !
Some people (including om swami ji ) says that kaal sarp yog is a myth. kaal sarp yog /dosh does not exist.
and listening to these Statements make people more Doubtfull and vulnerable.
like they are facing The ill effects of the dosh.
even myself being a victim of this dosh.
from Being a Bright student to a Failure, i have seen many setbacks in my life which i never ever thought i will see .
I called a pandit in trimbakeshwar to confirm about this.
they told me there are 12 types of it and i am having the most dreaded version of it in my kundali 6th rahu – 12th ketu
in which rahu is sitting with mars and ketu is with saturn and moon creating vish yog and also ketu in 12th house is considered good by some people as 12th house denotes salvation and ketu is the reason of detachments
so what is exactly this coctail in my kundali Trying to convey ?
vish yog + Sanyas vibes in 12th house
Mars which is power and rahu is hallucinations , me giving more power to my hallucinations ?
please someone Explain me the truth about kaal sarp dosh