It was 2 nd sep, I cannot forget the incident that i came across through. 

I saw two well educated ladies in the park having some bags in their hands . Many kids belonging to slum areas were playing there, not properly maintained , innocent faces ,curly hairs , wearing  shabby clothes . Even then they were very happy,  laughing and jumping.  

Those ladies were finding some place to sit down , after some time they found a slab and sat down.

kid’s started gathering there, 

Those ladies were having something for them ?  I thought ! 

The next moment they opened their bags ……

The kid’s eyes  shine like little stars, so sweet it was to see them.

 The two ladies asked them to form the queue,  a lady standing nearby helped kid’s to make a line ,she also wanted something for her kids.  

A lady with black dress started distributing footwear and the children made noise ” Give me! Give me ! “ 

The lady asked them to stand in a queue politely ,suddenly so many ladies and kids started gathering around them, demanding for the footwear and started touching the two ladies saying ” Aee Anti !!  Aee Anti !! Hamare bache ke liye bhi do “ The crowd was not coming in control, started pushing and pulling the bags from their hands and the two ladies  were amazed at what was going on and the crow,succeeded in scratching the bag from the ladies.

 The ladies were smiling and also feeling pity for them  as a large crowd of people are having nothing in their hands but the money is vested in few hands,  what a pity country is !! ??…………

 Where people are living under below poverty line that is why they are scratching things forcefully from each other.

  It is a sight of one slum area,  there are so many slum areas in the city, many more in the state ,too many in the country. 

We all have to become aware of it,  really  it was heart touching .

I thanked god so many times that i am living such a resourceful life,  full of luxuries, much much thankful to god. We all should pray to god to help those poor kids.

Author – Luv Sarpal