Jai Shree Hari 

In humble obeisance of Swami, I bow down in reverence with joined hands. Swamiji ‘s teachings are food  for my soul!!! They’ve made me so happy,peaceful and truly sorted.

However, I am so delighted and full with a unique compassion when I greet “namaste “ to anyone. Swami always says that we should greet everyone with a smile . I tried to practice it and trust me it was magical .

Seeing  the expressions on the lit up faces of people , known and unknown is so satiating and energising.

Thsi came to me as a beautiful blessing. Now be it a security guard somewhere, to shopkeepers, to my patients, to waiters etc , the first thing I do is “Namaste “.

Giving respect is the best and the most beautiful gesture you can give to anybody.Over the months ,I’ve realised that this simple gesture of greeting boosts my endorphins of happiness and love.

I am so glad and grateful for this new habit of mine to Swami.. Thank you Swami.You truly are my saarthi forever.

Jai Shri Shri Hari