It was a Wednesday afternoon when one of my colleagues was overwhelmed with customers’ responses and increased callbacks in our team and she reached out in the group chat for some consolation. She was tired, overwhelmed and was finding it challenging to adjust to each person’s moods and responses.

I took a break from work for some time and messaged her in a private chat telling her how hardworking and wonderful she is and doing a commendable job at such a young age. She felt happy reading something nice about herself for a change. We started talking about work in general and chose to listen to her for a few minutes so that she feels relaxed. At the end of the chat, I shared the part of the daily spiritual practice I follow to keep my calmness and bliss throughout the day. I thought I will also share it here on the forum too.

The practice is very simple. Before I interact with anyone during the day( over the phone or MS teams (most of my work interactions are virtual), I fold my hands, mentally repeat their name and say these magical words: “I offer my obeisances to the divine in you”. 

The Intention behind NAMASTE:

We all have read and heard a zillion times that the Divine resides in everyone. However, we do not feel this way all the time. Many times we interact with people and are met with situations, that do not appear divine. We carry that baggage with us, feel either intimidated or annoyed the next time we have to deal with a similar situation or person.

When I say those magical words, I call out to the divine in them and within me, and intend to connect with HIM. This practice helps me in three ways:

  • This shifts my perspective to see only the good or divine things in the person and brings a natural affection and empathy for the person.
  • In case, the person responds in a hurtful way, since I invoked the divine within me too, this awareness makes me forgive the person and again brings empathy and affection for the person.
  • Since the situation was not handled by me as I invited the divine to take over, I do not carry the baggage and let go of the mistakes on both sides. If I behaved in a way that I feel was not appropriate, I apologize to the other person( in-person or mentally) and forgive myself. If the other person is at fault, I choose to forgive him/her and come back to the divine remembrance.

This simple practice has helped me a lot to retain calmness and bliss throughout the day after morning sadhana. Perhaps, this could have been the intention behind the simple act of NAMASTE, practice in our culture. Unleash the Power of NAMASTE and bring it into your lives and see it for yourself.


“I offer my obeisance to the divine in you”.