I  was born in a Sikh family used to visit Gurudwara, attend Akhand path ceremonies, reading path from holy Granth Sahib off and on that’s all spiritual training that I received from my mother.I was very young when my father died and received few spiritual books in Punjabi that were brought by him.Saints, Spirituality and meditation nothing was introduced in the family.During graduation suddenly I started reading these spiritual books written by famous  poet and saint Bhai Veer singh ji .One of the stories I have shared with you in the form of series Beloved’s beloved.The book’s name was GURU NANAK CHAMATKAR ….I really felt while reading this book ..that I am walking with Guru Nanak …in his era .My elder brother was watching me and one day he asked me to share something from this book and I told him story …he suggested do share these stories with all family members before going to bed .So from next day after finishing dinner they asked me to sit in centre and start reading story loudly …and that’s it ..I started reading like a grandmother and they were enjoyed listening like children. During those days our family used to visit Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) early morning between 3.30-4.00a.m.One night I was reading story from book about Guru Nanak’s visit to Bhagdad …and there was a shabad I read from book…

Sun ..mun ..nagari ..bhai..

Dekh ..peer ..bhaya ..hairana..

It’s meaning is when Guru Nanak Dev entered city of Bhagdad whole city was covered with immense peace and ecstasy..and priest of  Bhagdad were amazed who has come ?

I still remember that time after reading the story we went to bed. My mother said after listening to this story she felt a kind of sensation in her body .In the morning she repeated the same thing I can’t sleep after listening to the story …same thing happened with me and my brother also.

We got ready and went to Harimandir Sahib .As we went down the stairs to enter in parikarma and bowed our heads…Same shabad started playing at Harimandir Sahib …

We all were transfixed on listening to the same lines that we have read at night .Our eyes were full of tears and body felt goosebumps.You may call it a coincidence but it was something special for me that I call it a  first glimpse of spirituality .I was amazed to know that existence of divine is so close right in our hearts …and if you remember him lovingly it reciprocates that “I am here….”

If you have any such heart touching experience do share please…

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