I had come across this beautiful Japanese proverb while I was browsing the internet and it stayed in my mind because it means Fall down 7 times, Stand up 8.’ It signifies choosing to never give up hope and to continually strive for more. It attempts to make us focus not only on the reality in front of us but on a greater vision that may not be a reality yet.

We can achieve what we want if we learn to not get bogged down by failures but rise and strive with the knowledge that practise will make me perfect. The story of the little spider that climbs up the uneven structure within a cave after repeated attempts is enough to inspire a king who is hiding after defeat to go out and defeat his enemy is an all time favorite story of mine. Never giving up in spite of all odds makes the person who is feeling down and defeated feel he has another chance.

Nurturing dreams and converting them to reality is an exciting proposition for all of us. How many dreams we can realize is our own choice. There is no time that you can earmark to do this but persistent effort coupled with the hope that you will achieve what you wish this time may be the reason for you to persist and try to achieve what you have set out to do. Taking the steps forward even if they are baby steps is the correct beginning towards achieving your vision.

Our beloved Guru, Om Swami in his wisdom has made us realize that dharma is our doing and karma will follow. It is my staunch belief in him that shows me the way forward in all my actions and aspirations. My belief in his divine presence beside me at all times enables me to face life’s challenges, learn from them, and continue to do my work without being fearful.

So let us all, come what may continue on our path while knowing that we might fall several times we have to (just have to) get up and keep on moving. And I am sure with Swami Ji’s blessings and bountiful wisdom we will always have the courage to keep at it.

“It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count, it’s how many times you get back up. ”
– George A. Custer