27 October, 2019 came as a glorious night at the ashram, as they always are there, and one could feel the ‘Diwali’ aura in every part of their being. The hills were enveloped in quietude as swamiji’s hands danced upon his piano, singing the Aarti for his lord, Sri Hari, who smiled upon the audience in his beautiful benign way. My sister and I too were present, yet we sat in the corner with mics before our mouths, a few minutes away from strumming the guitar and performing a bhajan in front of Swamiji.

The following is an audio recording of the very same Bhajan, the very same performance, completely unaltered. You can even hear Swamiji crack a joke right before we begin performing.

Chords: Bhavita

Notes/Melody: Hemanya

The Bhajan’s name is Narayana, sung by Krishna Das, an American Vocalist well known for his Hindu devotional songs. We altered and tweaked the lyrics a bit, so you can find the original here.

Now, without further ado and the chewing of your lovely heads, here’s the video.

YouTube video

My utmost gratitude to all those who made this far. The fact that you took out a precious few minutes out of your schedules to listen to us means a lot.

Thank you so much! Jai Sri Hari!