Here is a sharing which may give you what is called butterfly in stomach moment…

A while ago Mohit Om had shared this beautiful post sharing with us, the lovely locality of Sri Badrika Ashram as below:

Sharing with us the shape of conch shell.

The conch shell shape:

When I saw this pic, in the first second of looking at it, I saw the shape of conch shell but then there He was within fraction of that second..

Every time I look at it, I see conch shell and Nataraja and then His dancing form stays with me.

And Swami ji so beautifully summed it up in Mahashivratri by saying

Sri Badrika Ashram is World in itself.

Mrityunjayaya Rudraya Nilakantaya Shambhave
Amriteshaya Sarvaya Mahadevaya te Namah

Har Har Mahadev


Featured pic : omswami(.)org/Mahashivratri