Speaking for India, pollution here as increased to unprecedented levels in the last few years. Growing rates of pollution are mainly due to increasing number of vehicles on the road. The vehicles are increasing day by day due to increasing population. More and more people are buying their own vehicles.

I am really concerned and sad because I go to my balcony to enjoy the scenic views of mountains that surround the valley but all I see is that there is so much of pollution and dust that the mountains get totally shrouded.

Believe me or not, you cannot see the mountains that are so near to the town from naked eye on a normal day just because the pollution has risen so much. Only when it rains, the sky gets clear from the dust and smoke and the beautiful mountains are visible again.

 I remember just five-six years back this was not the state of my town, for the beautiful mountains that surround the city were always visible but now whichever place, especially the cities I go to, I find same alarming levels of air and other pollutions.

Nature is coughing 2 And this is how it looks when the sun shines after a rain shower
Nature is coughing 3 On some days, the mountains just vanish owing to the pollution






These pictures were both taken a few days back. I feel that we could have taken better care of this beautiful planet. That said, there’s still time.



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