Cooperation and the maze of the world have their unique tendency to test and give a taste of the sinusoidal nature of life. Nature is all so powerful, sees everything equally, no strength, money, success, or power can survive the wrath of nature, if it decides or rather chooses to erase the existence of so-called, Name, Fame, Success, Power, and or Money.

For a person starting the journey of life, its nature (surroundings) teaches us to walk the path. As he grows, nothing but the lessons of nature teaches and shows the next step. Knowingly or unknowingly, all lessons are learned from Nature.

Power of the same is such, we walk and talk, stating our strength, in the backdrop of all-powerful nature. As nature flexes the muscles, for cleansing, detoxification & removal of so-called open sores. Life of man shakes, trembles & shivers. Still forgetting that, the air in soulful breath and all lively fluid through the body. is what nature is. A poor man so helpless and powerless can’t even open petals of a flower or can put kernels in corn.

Nature, always in its meditative pose, guides & shows the seeker its next step. But how unknown the person is, can’t see, cant perceive & how foolish ignoring the signals. And wondering what happened, walking tall stating that oh, I know the nature. Heights of insanity are shown by so-called socially sane & learned folks.

Same gurgling sound what mother makes while awake, carrying forward her daily activities, little baby in the womb is in deep sleep, those gurgling sounds, the sound of thumping heartbeat & yes her love-filled caring voice from outside is a lullaby, but a self-proclaimed know it all person as he grows, gets into the rut of the strict social system, thinks it’s like a big noise & raises big walls of three things, ego, ego, and ego to avoid listening to THE Sound of Nature, which is solely responsible for all vibrations and existence, just to drift away & be there where he can only hear himself.

What can be done to bridge this gap, nothing but listening to nature, in every breath and step can alleviate the pain of something that one is not. To be some, he better embraces nature.

Sincere Obeisance & Koti Koti Pranam, Resp. Shri Om Swamiji.

Thank You for taking the time to read my post.

Jai Shri Hari !!!