Nature is very kind to all of us

Be it birds,

Be it animals, or

Be it humans…


Blessed all

With water, food and shelter

And all other resources

For our survival…


One such beautiful blessing

As shades of different seasons

We enjoy and relish

Feels its uniqueness

Blessed us

Beautiful changing seasons

That refreshes our mind, body and soul..


I wonder

We take everything from nature

What all is there

Nature is always giving

Beyond measure

But our race

Being unkind to nature..


We pluck

Fruits, flowers, food

Much more from nature

As we pluck

We never think

We part them with the source ..loved ones

Attached to

Or bother to thank nature

For being kind

To living world..


So to realise,

If we look at the sight

Where loved ones are parted

What would be the condition of human being

If faced with same situation of separation

Will cry profusely

Go into deep sorrow

And take lot of time

To gather strength and come out..


While divinity of nature

Vast as it is

grateful as ever

giving and giving

irrespective of all the hurt’s


do not give ask for anything in return..


A question in my heart

To mankind

Why there is so much injustice to nature

Why mankind so selfish

Never bothers about nature

To worst

Exploiting each day more & more..


I wish a day comes

When we all become grateful to nature

And respect it awesomeness..


A deep request to all Human beings

Please stop destroying nature

A little we can do..




Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸



~Neelam Om


P.S. Pic credit : UNESCO World Heritage Centre.