“The more forcing, the more trouble” (The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff, https://os.me/the-vinegar-tasters/) as explained by Om Swami.

Humans have been expanding their colonies and taking care of themselves. Due to increasing population and the economic activities, encroachment into animal habitats are also increasing. The recent SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic caused by a corona virus apparently spilled from bats or other animals to humans  is a very uncomfortable example. In this situation, the third smiling vinegar taster comes to our rescue. Understanding the harmony of nature requires plenty of scientific investigations. As we begin to understand more our conservationists try to conserve this harmony so that the habitats are protected. Protecting the animal habitats and natural vegetation is required for staying happy as the third vinegar taster. Is it not? 

We would have avoided the terrible pandemic if such interactions between animals and humans did not occur. Although not all interactions are so perilous, yet we probably should know to see the boundaries and honor them. I feel that a course nature’s way should be taught in schools and integrated into curricula. Some short popular talks can also help as educative contents. This way, we could probably avoid such viral spill over interactions and spread of devastation of our society and economy. One Australian swimmer wrote after being bitten by a crocodile that “it is better to leave their habitats as such and not getting into interaction with them”. I wouldn’t have mustered the courage. But she did. 

Om Swami’s nice introduction to the vinegar tasters is very helpful.

Good Health, Happiness and Peace to all !


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