I have only met swamiji once. Before we met I saw glimpse of him in my sleep and during meditation (once before I met him).

His presence in my life is quite mischievous. Nothing spiritual but more like He is communicating with me like Krishna did with his friends.

Recently my laptop drivers started to crash and I did everything possible to fix it it but the camera drive in particular became moody and it would work at it’s own wits which was quite troublesome because I teach online for 5-6 hours everyday and moody computer is the last thing you want.

So, last week before one of the group sessions I prayed to Swamiji, in front of my computer, smiling at myself (like what are you doing girl! This is silly) and when I opened my eyes again. Voila! camera working without glitches throughout the day. So, I continued to pray to swamiji before each session and I laughed my the computer and myself each time! I Guess, Swamiji is also sending his divine vibes digitally (at least to  me :P)

And today again, my laptop has a major update and it took forever to start ( now you know, I have a windows laptop) and for morning sessions, I was panicking and I did not pray… I just tried to log in and camera app did not work! AND! when restarted it… prayed to swamiji with the same earnestness and smile… camera worked!

His ways are beyond my understanding.

Humble obeisance at your divine feet swamiji