By mistake, you did Day 2 yesterday, instead of Day 1. Now the app doesn’t let you complete the Evening Prayers for Day 2 today. 

How to proceed?

Sign out of Sadhna app by going in “settings” then “profile”. 

Change your device “date and time” from automatic to “manual”. Set it to 26 September 2022. 

Open Sadhna app and you will enter as a guest. Click on the Mighty Lion and proceed to complete Day Two as intended. 

When you are done

When you have completed Day 2. You can exit the app and sign into your account again. If the app refuses to acknowledge your sign in; put the date of your phone to 25 September 2022 and sign in again. This should work. 

Note: This hack will not compute your points for day two though, as it has been completed yesterday. 

🦁Jai Ambe Hare!🦁