– Have read one post of Niveta sharing his Childhood Memories. This clicked me some memories in my life also. Describing one of them below :-  

This happened with me a long time ago (around 2010–2011) in real life, while I am Studying in Delhi for Competitive exams preparation after Graduation.

Me and my friend live in a rented apartment in Katawaria Sarai area. I go to attend classes in Ber Sarai area. If anyone quite familiar with the area , there is a pathway from Katawaria to Ber Sarai which passes from IIT Delhi .

Now , there is a fixed time of opening of that gate through which one can enter in IIT Delhi to go to Ber Sarai. When that gate is closed one has to climb the wall of a near by Shed of Cows and Buffaloes and jump from there , inside the IIT. On a fine Rainy season day, I was going to Attend classes and was in a hurry ,as I was already late. As soon as I found gate closed , I ran to wall of Cow Shed and climb the wall.

Now, for a second a thought came in my mind why today is no Crowd here? But as i am already late , i think “chodo yaar , chalte hai. Time waste nahi karna chahiye.” (Left the thought, time is already wasted). In next second i shout “jai shri ram”  and jumped through the wall.

Now, behind the concrete wall is a Mud Land Support made by Cow dung which is thrown everyday by Shed people. Since it is a very heavy Rain on that day , the support squeaks and I collapsed and fall in that mud up to shoulders !

Came out from that Cow dung in some way with too much difficulty. When a Daadi Amma (from Shed people) saw me she said “ are beta ye kya ho gaya” (hey kid what happened to u) . Then she Throw a bucket of water on my head for a bath. And I came back to Apartment for changing clothes and gone for study again. (This time from a different path 🙂 )

P.S. :-  जा को राखे साईँया, मार सके ना कोई।

Thanks for reading.

image courtesy :- Nayak film of bollywood