When I was in class 6th, Our English teacher taught us a story, “Thirsty Crow”. You might have heard this story about the crow who was very thirsty. He finds a pot that had very little water. His beak couldn’t reach it.  His circumstances forced him to solve the problem. And at last with the help of his intellect, he had found a new way of drinking water.

After narrating this story, our teacher told us the moral of the story: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. It was the necessity of this crow that forced him to find a solution.

The past year, I had to shoot a teaching video with my notebook, but due to lockdown I was unable to arrange a perpendicular tripod for my shoot.

Then, I started looking for a solution to this problem. I searched a lot on how to shoot a video without a perpendicular tripod! All the solutions I found required too many modern equipment that might not have been available at that time. But I knew somewhere at the back of my mind that where there is a will, a burning desire to do something, there has be a way.

So I tried out many things and finally converted a cloth hanger and a solar lamp into a temporary perpendicular tripod. Voila! I was able to shoot.

Necessity is the mother of invention 1

The story does not end here, in fact, the real story starts from here.

When we had faced any problem successfully, we have two choices:

1) To pass the same problem and suffering to others
2) To make sure that no one, no one ever, has to suffer the same amount of difficulties and pain

I thought there must be many people facing the same problem. I have found a solution to this problem, but I don’t know whether those people will be able to solve this problem or not? After thinking this over for sometime, I came to the conclusion that I have to help all those people; I have to make sure that if someone faces the same problem again, they can find the solution easily and immediately.

So I made a video describing the solution of this particular problem, and upload it on YouTube. At the time of writing this article, more than 1.6lakh people have benefited from that video.

Whenever you have found a solution to a problem, you always have a choice — Pass the pain on to others or eliminate the pain permanently. Choose wisely.
P.S. You can also watch that video here.

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