Just visualize a sunbird nesting and blissfully enjoying nature’s bounty. NEST is a mnemonic for mantra for a healthy and balanced existence which includes nutrition, exercise, stress busting and time management. Balance of these four, let’s call them pillars, is required to tread this path with grace.

N–  Nutrition ought to be simple, wholesome and as per body requirements. One should have regular meals with abundant green leafy vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, nuts, legumes, high fiber and moderate protein intake. Adequate hydration should be maintained. It is good idea to observe intermittent fast to cleanse the system.

E– Exercise=  Endorphin release =Elevation of mood. One must exercise for minimum thirty minutes at least five days a week. Though ideally it should be on all days. Exercise should be strenuous enough to release adrenaline in the system so that one can sense thumping of heart and fast breathing. That’s when one realizes that the effort is worth the spirit elevation achieved from endorphins. Exercise not only makes the body strong, supple and flexible but also makes one mentally alert and tough.
S– Stress management.  Life today is synonymous with stress, which requires to be moderated. Besides exercise,  Pranayama is an effective antidote for stress and helps by modulating autonomic nervous system. Positive reinforcement of ones capabilities is a must. You become what you think. Drive negativity away by acquiring let go attitude. Gratitude is always desirable. Selfless service in any form increases Serotonin levels, one of the important neurotransmitters of happiness.

T– Time to be happy is NOW. Stop dwelling too much in the past, which is history or in future as it is mystery. Only time with you is PRESENT- so live the moment and savour it.

Be in a NEST like a sunbird.

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