Hello everyone

Today I want to tell you an incident which made me feel bad.

One day I was doing my online class.

I was learning 3D shapes in my maths class.

My teacher asked me that what the point of the cone is called?

I didn’t know the answer so I cheated.

I looked for the answer in my maths book and told her.

Madam didn’t realise that I did cheating. She thought that I knew the answer.

When it was lunch time, I went to my dining room and I was about to eat the food, I started crying.

My mommy asked why I am crying. So then I told her I cheated in my class.

My mommy was happy that I told her honestly and truthfully that I cheated.

Then mommy told me never to cheat. If you cheat you cannot understand the concept.

She sat down after lunch with me, and she made me study for one full hour by helping me to understand solid 3D shapes.

Now I know about the face, edge, vertex and corners.

I have understood that I should never cheat in my life.

You know in my math exam i got all correct answers. I will soon be going to grade 2 as my final exams got over today. I am going to watch cartoons and eat a lot. 

Abhi Bye Bye

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