Age is but a number, it is said. But there aren’t too many who really believe it, lesser still who prove it. Yet in the times of lockdown I found a wonderful proof of the statement which reinforces my belief that it’s never too late to learn. It is a question of what to learn.

Considering her age and intellectual abilities, I had been telling her to learn new Shlokas, Meditation, Sanskrit and the like. The answer would generally be – “I’m too old” to learn new things.

Yet, when it came to dishing out the finest delicacies in homegrown ways, the “I’m too old” mental road block withered away seamlessly.

I am talking (in case you haven’t guessed yet) of my mother.

It’s surprising how one can experiment and pick up new methods when one has a motivation. In this case, the motivation has been the look of happiness on her grand children’s faces and their excitement as they see dishes generally made in hotels now being made at home.

Over the last few days, since we’ve been avoiding going out to restaurants, we’ve been missing the variety of food we enjoy when we go out. My mother took it on herself to make up for this. There was no intellectualization of the work to be done, no reasons, no declarations, no proclamations, just seamless working (karma).

She watches a few videos, reads a few posts on the Internet, asks for a few ingredients and Voila!!! Out from the kitchen come a range of dishes never cooked before at my home:

·         Tandoori Garlic Naan done in the microwave

·         Mexican Burritos and Tacos

·         Pizzas

·         Pani Puri with home-made puris

·         Chinese dishes (Indianized versions)

·         Sweets

·         Savouries

And what not! It’s amazing.

This is just one aspect. Some more amazing happened.

My daughter saw her friends wearing a jacket and wanted one. But she refused to come out to a store and risk infection.

So, one day, my wife brought some cloth and a week later, ABRACADABRA!!! There was a jacket for my daughter. I couldn’t believe that a complete good-looking jacket could actually be sewn at home with good results in the first attempt.

Motivation and interest can do wonders.

One needn’t do grand things to be an inspiration. Small acts of love and care are good enough.

I am definitely inspired to keep learning and experimenting all my life. Search for your inspiration and you will find it too.

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