Another eventful year gone by

ushering in a new phase

Heralding a new beginning …

With a promise to demystify….

… the life’s nuances…

With the hopes surging high.

Like an artist with predilection for colours so vivid…

… Immersing myself in the riveting puzzle … of life

…definitely not a gimmick.

In the coming year…

hopeful of creating memories to behold

…truth to unfold

And … convictions to uphold.

As the new year’s dawn spreads its gold…

the red sun flashes;

My soul, too, like a phoenix

Arises from its ashes.

Yearning to soar high in the azure sky

Wondering for what there is to vie.

Each day promises a fascinating story,

How my heart aches to bask in Thy Divine Glory! 


 I thank you all wholeheartedly for your encouraging words on my previous post which gave me impetus to write more. Wishing you all A Very Happy New Year. Really hope and pray that with Shri Hari’s blessings we all have a fabulous year ahead and utilize it fruitfully  by fulfilling our  dreams and spreading kindness all around.