New Year. New Beginnings.

Are You Committed To Transform Your Life?

A brand new year is going to welcome us a few days from now. New year always brings the hope of new beginnings. Yesterday was Christmas, the day Jesus Christ appeared. His appearance is itself a mark of a new beginning, a new wave of consciousness. Let’s imbibe the Christ’s spirit and try to make our lives a worthy gift to the world. 

For that, we have to first commit to ourselves. That from now on, we shall work on ourselves. To make this life worthy of divine grace. To transform this life into its highest possibility. If you can’t think that far yet, just commit to yourself that you’ll work on your limitations. You’ll try to grow. That’s also great.

Now, committing is easy. But the problem begins right after that.

Where to begin?

That’s the question we face. Well, my take is, begin anywhere. And stick to it. Don’t think about the smallness or insignificance of the effort. Begin small. Go one step at a time. But be consistent in your endeavour and always stay on the right track. 

Now, another problem comes. What’s the right track? How to know? Whatever you do in the right path, will be right for you. And anything that you do in the wrong direction, just means nothing. So, knowing the right path and staying on track is absolutely imperative. Now, how to know? Well, a simple guideline can be this— the path (or work) that makes you stronger and helps you expand beyond your limitations is the right one. Everything else is secondary. It could be the path of devotion (bhakti yoga), the path of self-enquiry (gyan yoga), the path of selfless service (karma yoga) or the path of meditation (dhyana yoga). These are the scriptural models. And yogis, saints and sages have always been associated with one or the other. So, they are proven paths. But, you are free to craft your own path if you like. Just remember the guideline—does it make me strong from inside and does it help me break my limitations? If yes, then go with it. You are on the right track! 

But, if you are confused about which one is for you, just experiment. Test out what works for you. But, remember, these paths have little to do with our outside interventions. We want a radical transformation inside. The work is really in the inner world. Don’t forget this. I am saying this because you may think “I am doing my japa, seva, or dhyana, but nothing’s happening”. These are all but methods. They are like boats to take you across. But they are not the end in themselves. They are mediums. And if nothing’s working, chances are, you’re not doing anything correctly. See, things work only when rightly done. Even all the right ingredients can’t make a good dish if you don’t know how to use them. So, learn! Clear your doubts. Then practice diligently. And be consistent. Results are just a matter of time then. 

Now, we should also be familiar with the different impediments that hinder our growth, if not wisely death with. There are many hurdles. I’ll list out them for you.

◊ Laziness and procrastination.

◊ Habits.

◊ Doubts.

◊ Temptations and distractions.

◊ Physical, emotional or psychological problems.

◊ Bad Company.

◊ Unsupportive Atmosphere.

◊ Your own desires and fears.

Last Words

The journey of transformation is a long and arduous one. Always remember the wise words of the Buddha—

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

Don’t be disheartened if you fail again and again. Failing is a sign that you are at least trying. Failing is much better than to do nothing and just hope. Just don’t give up on your transformation journey. Be on it. One day the journey will be completed. Even if it takes all your life, be willing to give it. What’s more important except this anyway‽ Death is awaiting us all. So, why not do the right thing while we’re still living and breathing? Is there anything more fulfilling than self-transformation? Please tell me then. Maybe I still don’t know. To me, this is the greatest adventure. And that’s why I want to be on this thrilling adventure. 


Have a great life! 

Thank you.
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