Once upon a time in ancient India, there lived a king named Indradyumna, the son of Bharata who was a great devotee of lord Krishna. He always wanted to see the lord and build a temple for him. Once the great king was visited by a group of bramhins who by seeing the devotion of the king, told him about a very beautiful form of lord Krishna that was being worshiped in Purshotam kshetra as Nilamadhab. The king wanted to see the lord but no one new about the exact place. No one had seen the form of krishna before.

      The king then ordered the younger brother of the head Pandit of the palace Vidyapati to go to Purushotam kshetra and to get more information about lord Nilamadhab.

      After a very long journey, when Vidyapati reached at his destination and tried to find out about the where abouts of the lord, he got to know that no one knows about the location where lord Nilamadhab was being worshiped except the head of the sabaras (Tribal king) Viswabasu.

     So Vidyapati decided to go and talk to the tribal king but he was unwilling to share any information with him. So Vidyapati started staying in that tribal village with hope that one day he will be able to convince Vidyapati. In that period of time he met the daughter of Vidyapati, Lalita, a beautiful and inteligent woman. They both fell in love with eachother and got married with the blessings of their elderly.

     Everything was going fine. Viswabasu used to help his father in law in his work. He used to take care of their paddy fields and their cattles. But among all these, Lalita observed a sign of sadness and apprehensiveness on her husband’s face. one day she asked him what was the matter. Why he was upset all the time. 

    So vidyapati told her how much he desired to see the secret form of the lord that her father has been worshiping since so long. Lalita promised him that she will convince her father to take him to see the lord.

      Next day while Viswabasu was getting ready to take his cattles for grazing, Lalita came and told him about her husband’s wish. Hearing this, Viswabasu hot angry and said that he will never tell anyone about the location of his beloved Nilamadhab. But finally he had to give into his stubborn daughter’s wish but only on one condition.

The next part of the story will be released soon. Jai sri hari

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