Since we came to existence we are offered with a beautiful ROM – The read only memory. Every living being has ROM, may be limited for some and some with a large sized ROM. A dog has ROM which helps it for its survival. Same is the case with plants. The memory in the plant cells help them grow and live. But humans have an additional RAM – Random Access Memory. This RAM is really troubling the humans as its so contained it with random memories. Since the day a baby is born, it is filled with all kinds of memory, starting with its name, body, relations etc. The ROM, the baby has, is filled with what is required for its survival. But the RAM is the one that is cultured by the environment and the society. This RAM gets filled up to its almost maximum until the child is around 8 years. That’s where 95% of the brain develops. The rest is all just easily erasable ones or the ones that have the root to the memory stored in RAM.

The baby lives from the foundation of this belief to the memory both RAM & ROM. The whole of the childs life is built on the belief that his/her memory is true. In every incident that the child faces, it comes to its own conclusion and perceives the incident based on the vasanas in ROM & RAM. Its around 35 to 45 years that most of the humans get this existential crisis. They don’t understand whats life and where it goes to , they would have lived most of their life according to the perceptions. But at this time, they would have noticed something missing, something that’s just not right. That’s the time they start re-analysing their perceptions and RAM/ROM. But does that really solve the issue? There is a great secret here. Really… It may seem to be intellectual, but if one digs deep in their own experience they would really get the insight.  Lets move on…

One starts purifying the memory box..How? They research into their own wrong perceptions and beliefs stored. And Why? Because they don’t feel good about whats going on in their life and so they seem to search for becoming a better human being, by digging the wrong belief..

Now comes the secret. Is it not worthy to see where from you are digging into the memory to set it right? The foundation where one stands and does this surgery, is from the belief of the memory!!! And that’s absurd! The whole of the memory is a derived one, the whole of the life is lived from the belief of a habitual memory! Life is not lived from the truth, and this truth, I swear, is not a memory, its not from the mind. The truth of your real self, is not the basis upon which life is lived. Life is lived upon the basis of the belief of the memory. Just search the other way. The whole of the body/mind mechanism is a belief as well in the memory. We are the one upon whom all these experiences of body/mind structure happen. Even to say body mind, is absurd. When we have a deeper look, our first hand experience of our body itself is sensations, perceptions and thoughts. We store whatever we like and dislike, we are seldom bothered about the neutral one. We aren’t cared for the neutral. And based on the likes and dislikes, the good and the bad, the life is moving. Our life is not based on the real true self, the real awareness the we truly are, until we get out of the whole belief. Getting above the belief of like/dislike/good/bad takes to a new dimension. The dimensioneless dimension. Our infinite eternal nature.

A dog, when it is in its natural consciousness, it uses its ROM. Say, when with an enlightened being, the consciousness of the dog even expands to the higher level and it takes a better birth or even gets the moksha. But why not the humans? Because of the belief towards the mind, one takes time to lose his egoself and get to understand or really devote to the enlightened being they are connected to. And the realized ones, as they live from the basis of awareness, (they are awareness, they are divine), out of love, they wait for the human mind to get matured enough to grasp the truth of their real self.

Its been so long number of years that a living creature was in the hamster wheel of the sufferings and happiness. It was really easy for the living creature to come to this state called human consciousness. But from this state , to really know their true divine state, rarely is one ready! They aren’t ready to lose their right and wrong. It is even not necessary to classify. Its just enough to know that the foundation on which the life is lived is a false belief. The rest all of the dualities withers off. When one is truly with an enlightened master, physically or mentally, theres a greates chance for one to throw away their falsity to return to their true nature. And offering that consciousness is the true gratitude to the Master/Guru/Divine. You then become the offering. Your mind is not the true offering to the divine. Devoting your everchanging mind is not an offering. Because the offering changes. Offering the belief of the mind to the feet of the sadguru/Master/Yourown self, will lead to salvation. Then one would understand and know for true that , there is no body no mind, its just the awareness that stays all through. Truly there is no body to die, there is no mind to die. Its only the belief that this body/mind is true has to be dropped. Then you would see yourself eternal and infinte. The guru/disciple, divine/human, you/me all merge as there would be no distance at all. That’s love, that’s beauty , that’s peace!!


Love & Peace,

Vani Om Anandi