When you say No to a toxic relationship, you say Yes to mental peace and new possibilities in life

When you say No to a coworker who always takes advantage by asking favors, you say Yes to your self-esteem

When you say No to a friend when limits are exceeding personal boundaries, You say Yes to your privacy and individuality

When you say No to distraction, you say Yes to focus on the task at hand

When you say No to a bad habit that is making you addicted, you say Yes to a good habit that can help you in your growth

 When you say No to your fear of FOMO, you say Yes to discovering what gives you real happiness instead of copying what   everyone else is doing.

When you say No to attachments, you say yes to freedom, peace, and equanimity

When you say No to clinging to excess stuff in your house, you say Yes to the path of minimalism

Sometimes to protect your relationships you move away from your dear ones so by saying No to the false closeness, you say Yes to the distant love which lives in the hearts

No is not bad, sometimes it is a necessity, and one No opens the doors of many Yes in life by giving you a chance to find out what is important for you

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash