Like many others, I too have spent a great deal of time in consuming content about ‘self-improvement’ in the form of books, documentaries and blogs. Did that not make any difference in my life, It did, but was it anywhere near the amount of content that I actually consumed? It wasn’t.

This Diwali, I am starting this not-so-ambitious project where I will be making tiny but lasting changes in my life based on some wonderful suggestions given in other blogs here and books that I have read. The toughest part is not to make those changes but to force myself to take small steps rather than going overboard and doing too much for a while and then phasing out within a few months. The latter one is my usual pattern, I am able to make a lot of changes and continue them for anywhere between 3-6 months only to phase them out eventually.

This is a fresh effort to make tiny permanent changes and this is a long-term project so it will go on for a few years.

Change 1:- For years I have suffered from many deficiencies in my body and after binge-watching many youtube videos about ayurvedic and natural cures for this I have pinpointed that wheatgrass is something I can consume.

Time frame: 1.5 months.

It is cold in nature so should not be consumed in winter, particularly for people who inherently have low body heat and tend to feel cold easily.

Mode of consumption: half a tablespoon in the morning on empty stomach.

Caution: It has a lot of nutrients so It should not be consumed for too long as it may lead to excess nutrients if taken say 1 year at a stretch.

My source for the information: videos of Nityananda Shree on youtube.

Automation: I don’t want the pain of having to “do this task” every morning so I will do the best I can to make it effortless and for that, I am going to put the box and a water jug with glass on my bedside so that this is the first thing I see in the morning. This may seem like an overkill for some but since we are doing this for the long haul and after 1.5 months the wheatgrass will get replaced with something else like giloy juice, etc, I want to make this process fully automatic so that it’s not a task that I do, its a task that just happens on its own.

I will be doing one tiny change every 7- 15 days(keeping minimum gap of a week even if i am itching to start sooner) and keep the old one going too. Let’s see how it works out.

October 24: Started the practise

November 3 update: Barring few days of travel I have continued the process without fail. However I must confess I did not do the electric kettle part and simply heated water in microwave every morning. Currently my whole family consumes it and it has become sort of a morning routine for us.