I have always wondered how it must feel when we have nothing to hide about our life, when we have no need to lie, to pretend, when our conscience is clean; a life where we live and act on truth. How beautiful can that be? How courageous and fearless will it make you? But why do people fear being truthful? They want something and they know sometimes they need to lie for that. But why they want something which is not born out of truth? How can they accept something which is a lie, and present it to the world as truth? And most importantly how can they feign it to their own integrity and make it believe that it is the truth when it is not?

I don’t know the answer except that man is a selfish and self-centered creature. It can go to any heights to get something it wants. It can make false promises, tell lies, act, dupe somebody, and pretend something to someone, to get what it wants. And somewhere we all do that. We are not truthful hundred percent of the times. But I wonder about that feeling where there is no need left in us to be untruthful in any manner, where we don’t crave for something so much that we start acting fallaciously.

But man is really concerned about his relation with the world. He wants to be seen good, praised and rewarded and he is fearful about being ridiculed, criticized and being suspected. So, he tries anything that can maintain his good image and name in the society. He lies when he has done some erroneous work, or his conduct was shameful. He fears punishment. But other than that, do we always have to do the right actions? Can we? So why don’t we have that courage to accept our mistake and make peace with it? Why can’t we live more truthfully and not hide behind our mistakes?

We are humans and we are bound to make mistakes. Only humans make mistakes and not animals. Also, it is taught to us in primary school itself that ‘to err is human’ which means to make errors is being human. Therefore, making mistakes is nothing to be shameful about, isn’t it? But at least we can be honest that we have made a mistake. I do not know but I wonder if it is possible for me to be out of this trap of hiding, lying, feigning, and acting. I want to live a life of utter honesty, where I have nothing to hide, lie or be shameful about; where I can lead a life of transparency and clear conscience.

I have written down my thoughts on leading a truthful life filled with honesty. I was earlier thinking to write details about some untouched aspects of my life but on contemplation I realized that details aren’t necessary. What matters is that we have the courage to not hide or lie but live a life of truth and be courageous while doing so.

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