Jigness bhai asked me, If you were travelling on a bike and you find that your Best Friend, Girlfriend and an Old Lady are standing at the bus stop and you can pick only one of them. Whom would you pick up ?

ME: Jigness bhai, I would pick the old lady obviously.

JIGNESS: After joining Om Swami, your RAKs have increased ne?

ME: Its not like that Jigness bhai, I would have loved to pick up my girlfriend but I would have felt guilty abandoning the old lady. What would you have done?

JIGNESS: bahu simple che( its very simple), I would have handed the bike to my friend and told him to drop the old lady and I would have come with my girlfriend in the bus.

Me: Waah Jigness bhai you are a genius, why did I not think of this before.

Isn’t that the case with most of us, the moment we face a challenge, we get bogged down by the problem so much that we lose the focus on the solution.

Jigness bhai then went on and asked me accha Maniss bhai tell me what would you do if a snake entered your office?

ME: I will panic, and try to runaway.

JIGNESS: But that does not solve your problem ne?

ME: So what would you do?

JIGNESS: I will first climb on the office table ensure that I am safe and then I will dial the snake catcher. Once he comes and catches the snake, I will ask him to give me the venom which the snake produces each amavasya. This I will sell it to pharmaceutical companies as it has lot of medicinal values. And once the snake grows old , and dies, I will take the skin and sell that too.

ME: Jigness bhai, this is so mean.

JIGNESS: Areh bhai, I was just giving you a hypothetical example of how to deal in adverse situation. In every adversity there is an opportunity.

Jigness taught me whatever the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles.

A man went to a posh restaurant.He ordered a wild salmon. The waiter told him that they didn’t serve wild salmon.The man was disappointed and said that he was going to leave the restaurant. The waiter paused for a few seconds then he replied: “We do not have wild salmon but I can annoy the fish!”

The man looked at the waiter and laughed!

He said: “Salmon is just fine!”

We are all waiters in a restaurant. Every day we are confronted with difficult demands and questions of our clients.It comes down to our skills, knowledge and creativity to help our customers. A little humor can help. A little humor can make a change. It is not what we do that makes us great, it is how we do it!’

Life is full of problems, but how we approach those problems often determines whether we’re happy or miserable.