We came to know about this book ‘The Rainmaker- Miracles and Healing Stories of Om Swami’ on 29th October and on the same day I pre-ordered it. The book was to be released around 5th November and expected date of delivery was 8th Nov. I kept receiving the notifications about the dispatch of book and that the packet is on the way. But I was really excited when I received the notification that the book will be delivered a day early.

After receiving the book,I think the wait of little over two days was more than worth it because one cannot feel the same energy in an electronic version. The embossed cover, the orange & black / grey color scheme, the gatefold, the smell of paper and ink can only be experienced in a physical form.

So, the book was delivered to us in the afternoon around 1.45 pm just after we had finished our lunch. I gave it to my wife just for her to feel it in her hands. I got a bit restless and annoyed because she kept flipping through it for around 10 minutes, which to me seemed like a long time as I wanted to start reading it. When finally, I got the book in my hands (I actually asked her to give it back to me), I started reading it and kept reading it till I finished it by 9.30 pm. I did take a break to make my evening tea, to have my dinner and to fill daily evaluation on BL but did not do anything else, rather could not keep the book down to do anything else. And to say that I had multiple rounds of goosebumps while reading it would be an understatement.

I am not here writing a review of the book because I don’t think I am qualified enough to do that. I am only sharing my experience. The book is an excellent compilation of experiences of devotees of Swamiji. Each and every person has poured his / her heart out in sharing their individual stories. One can actually feel the devotion, respect, love, affection… oozing out of each word. Every word has been penned down with utmost sincerity and honesty. My sincere gratitude to Sadhvi Vrinda, Swami Vedananda & others for their individual and collective contribution in producing this book.

After reading the various miracles and healing stories, I kept thinking how can one continue to do such selfless compassionate acts in this age and time. As my wife says, we still do not realize how blessed and fortunate we are to have Swamiji. As far as I am concerned, I do not know if I am pure enough to have any spiritual experience, but have firm faith that Swamiji is there watching us, protecting us.

The book was supposed to be revealed at a surprise presentation to Swamiji on his 42nd Birthday in November, but the plan was shared with him much before because an exclusive interview with him was made part of the book. Even otherwise, nothing can come as a surprise to Swamiji….. he always knows everything, IMHO.