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With a flash of lightning the Fairy of Punishment appeared levitating in the sky in humongous proportion. You dared defy the Fairies Mortal. You forgot your promise made to us. We still spared you. This time you trespass into our territory again. Be cursed! You shall stand as guard here for eternity!

Pieter Both started trembling and started imploring for forgiveness, but the Fairy had disappeared. Immediately the head of Pieter swelled to huge proportions and he turned into a stone, dangerously perched at the top of the mountain.ย 

It is a miracle of nature that the stone stays rooted on the peak of the mountain. A sight to see. Beautiful Mauritius!

This is the end of the story of Pieter Both. The legend is native to be country and is retold many times over. Hope you enjoyed the narration and if you would like more; it will be a pleasure of mine to post more folklore tales from our tiny island. There are the miracle rocks who cry for the deceased, the miraculous Jyotirlinga, Ghora Baba, The Guardians and many more.ย 

Here are my takeaways:

Nobody escape karma #thewritechoice 2

Note: The folklore of Pieter Both is ingrained in the Mauritian Culture. The story as I have narrated reflects my own imaginative construction of the characters. The story as taught to children is basic without elaboration on the characters. The conversations, as well as the journey part are my fictitious creation.ย 

Close-up of the swelled head of pieter both

The dangerous perch of the cursed human turned into rock

Can you imagine standing here?ย 

Nobody escape karma #thewritechoice 3

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