Oh beautiful Bhagwan
You are a father to this orphan
and to the child in every grown-up

when rainbows appear in the sky
it’s because You smile
oh what a bewitching sight!

it rains when You are gone
light drizzles of yearning
fierce downpours of fear

there’s no sanctuary for a soul
no not in any corner
just a gaping hole

in the shape of the heart
where the opposite ends meet
there’s a slight curve where your scent lives

to find You each day
in that beating sack of arteries and veins
is not an easy thing

And yet, it’s here You first make your presence known
it begins as little joys peeping out of life’s many hues
of which the most vibrant is You

Your deep dark eyes
set in that kind moon of a face
have the compassion of a saint

in all the good and bad that passes through life
You are the winter garden
that brightens each sight

why I can’t imagine
the loss of losing You
it’s beyond words…unbearable

to forget Your kindnesses
in the passage of the day
is perhaps to me the most shameful deed

I wonder what would it take
to engrave gratefulness on the white slate
of this dark soul

is asking for your help too much
can You not inscribe
on this poorer than poor mind

it’s but the ink of your gentle grace
that frees tortured souls
it’s your rainbow smile that chisels away at their sorrows

Oh I’m so indebted to You O Lord
in your delicate holy feet
lies the balance of three worlds

please forgive me my trespasses
of which there’s no account
O great master there’s none like You

not today or yesterday or tomorrow it shall be
where will we find another like You
the heart of the blue sky has only one full moon