Yesterday I was re-watching my favourite movie ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’. The story revolves around the 2 protagonists Kabir Thapar(KT) and Naina Talwar(NT). They are school classmates who re-unite in a friends marriage years later. Naina an introvert is a doctor with her own practice. She is a simple girl and likes a settled life. Kabir is an extrovert who has a thirst for adventures and loves travelling. He has finally landed his dream job co- hosting a travel show. In a scene they  are discussing about themselves as follows:

KT: I can never live like you. You’ll spend your whole life in one city, in one house and one room. Doesn’t that scare you?

NT : Not at all. I have chosen this life. I have no interest in living like you, like a Hippie.

KT: You are saying this because you have not seen this world. You don’t know about the bliss of living in different countries.

NT: And what do you know about living at home?

KT: You don’t know what it’s like to sit with strangers and listen to their life stories.

NT: And you don’t know what it’s like to sit with old friends and reminisce the same old stories.

KT: Someday…I’ll take you to San Francisco to eat their famous cheeseburger. You’ll go crazy.

NT: Someday …I’ll cook for you my special Biryani. You’ll forget the burger.

And they go on with their differences. In the end KT says: You are not right Naina! You are just very different from me.

And the movie goes on about how their love story continues and they overcome their differences. This dialogue stood out for me – You are not right! You are just very different from me. Understanding that the opposite person is not wrong but just different from me. There are  many times when we judge a person based on their likes, dislikes, views, choices, tastes, clothes, living etc.

One partner may like reading books the other may like watching movies. One friend may like trekking the other may like lazing by a pool. Someone may like walking the other may like swimming. One woman may enjoy cooking other may enjoy cleaning. One teenager may like jeans the other a saree.

One student may excel in Maths the other in English. Someone may believe in life after death someone may not. I love Pasta you may like a Pizza. Does that make one superior and other inferior?  Does it mean one is right and the other is wrong? No! it just means we are different. So, can we enjoy our differences? Life is all about that isn’t it? Coz as they say – Variety is the spice of life.

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